About our AI

About our AI

Polly™ doesn’t read minds, she reads between the lines

Polly is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed to understand how people’s online behavior and connections predict their real-world actions.

Polly uses a patented technology, Conditional Independence Coupling, and a unique qualitative methodology, Digiographics™, to identify a randomized, controlled sample of a representative target audience. Polly studies each group online, learning about their thoughts and motivations to more accurately forecast their future consumer behavior.

Polly understands people better than people themselves

Traditional surveys and groups are limited by response bias, which causes people to provide answers that are not always a true indicator of their future actions. “Social listening” tools lack the precision required for an evidence-based marketing strategy. Polly brings the scientific rigor of market research to the online world in a unique and proven way.

Evolving market research

As an AI, Polly has superhuman abilities. She can understand the impact of group behavior on individuals, correct for biases, and provide up-to-the-minute intelligence about your target audiences and competitive environment.

Polly’s patented technology was developed by University of Ottawa computer scientists specialized in machine learning, including ASI co-founder Kenton White. This technology is licensed exclusively by ASI.

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The people behind Polly

Human intelligence, augmented by artificial intelligence, is the real market intelligence

Erin Kelly, CMA, MBA

Erin is co-founder and CEO of ASI. She has 20 years’ experience in the field of market research, working in analytics and AI since 2008. She is the published author of two books, as well as numerous journals and conference papers, on the impact of AI and analytics on business and society.

Erin is a Chartered Professional Accountant and MBA, selected as one of “25 Women to Watch in Canada” in 2020, and has been a Top 40 Under Forty award winner.

Fluently bilingual (English and French), Erin is a regular media commentator in Canadian and international media on AI and human behavior research.

Kenton White, Ph.D.

Kenton, co-founder and Chief Scientist of ASI, has been working in the field of artificial intelligence since 2003.

Kenton was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Distil Interactive. Holding a Ph.D. in Physics and Applied Mathematics from The University of Arizona, he has also taught as a Professor of Computer Science at Carleton University and at the University of Ottawa, where he remains an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science.

Kenton’s list of international awards includes:

  • US Department of Education Fellow
  • US Air Force Office of Scientific Research Fellow
  • SPIE International Young Investigator Award
  • Most promising new company of the year, Canadian New Media Awards
  • Best Product, DevLearn
  • IDC Canada’s Top 10 to Watch