Canadians have plenty of choice for in-home entertainment options, but it’s clear which streaming service Canadians like best: Amazon Prime.


Support for Streaming Services Chart

Amazon Prime

Polly sees that a full 77% (±1%) of Canadians have a positive stance toward Amazon Prime. While many Canadians are speaking positively about the video content Amazon Prime offers, the main reason for the positive support is the perceived value. An Amazon Prime membership gives users access to their library of video and music content, along with free shipping on select orders from Amazon’s website and other perks. By combining their entertainment library with delivery discounts from their industry-leading online shopping platform, they have found a way to separate themselves from the competition.



Netflix is the video service that has been around the longest and has the highest engagement among Canadians. While a lot of Canadians are discussing Netflix, they tend to have a less positive view of the video streaming giant with 60% (±1%) having a positive stance toward Netflix. The most common concern Canadians have with Netflix is a lack of specific content. Since 2010 when Netflix first entered the Canadian market the content they offer has changed significantly. Netflix now produces a lot of original content, but some popular shows they once had are no longer available on Netflix Canada. As an example, the popular comedy Parks & Recreation has moved from Netflix Canada to Amazon Prime.


Crave TV

Bell Media’s video streaming service, Crave TV, is the least popular of the big streaming services in Canada with only 50% (±1%) of people having a positive stance toward Crave TV. The main concerns Canadians have with the service is the perceived small library of content compared to its competitors, and the platform being clunky and hard to navigate. One positive for Crave TV is that they offer programming from HBO (such as Game of Thrones) that isn’t available on any other service (for now).


Netflix, Crave TV, and Amazon Prime are the biggest names, and there are further offerings from Disney and other players on their way. Content is key, but in order to be successful in the long-term these video streaming giants will have to take a page from Amazon’s playbook and find a unique way to separate themselves from the competition.


Research Information

Sample Size: 266,812

Date Range: May 17, 2018 – May 17, 2019

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