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This is a new feature where Polly samples Canadians to see what their feelings are on certain topics you can choose.

Our first question from Polly fans is from Sue Gowans (@Sue_Innovates): “What do Ontarians think about @fordnation’s decision to allow symptomatic COVID testing in pharmacies?”    

Answer: Well, we think Polly’s answer would be “not much.” Overall Engagement (= interest in the topic) is low – meaning that Ontarians actually didn’t give it much thought. Engagement over the week following the announcement by the Ford government, on October 16th, that Ontario pharmacies would be allowed to do COVID tests was relatively low and engagement declined quickly after that.

Of those who were engaged with the topic, more that 50% were expressing positive feelings towards the move while only about 10% expressed negative feelings about the announcement.

Engagement was stronger with women and among older individuals. Why is that? Ah, Polly doesn’t know; she only answers very specific questions. In a normal cycle of discovering answers to complex questions, Polly’s scientists have to tease the answers out of her based on the exploratory questions asked. Unlike traditional opinion research, Polly can go back frequently to her sample set and ask questions in different ways, or ask entirely new questions.

Ask Polly
Do you have a question for Polly? Send your question to Polly at the address below. Topics can be anything that can be formulated as a question and that people tend to talk about on social media. Questions should begin with “How do Canadians feel about…” or “What do Ontarians think about…” We can also do comparisons of Canadian and American sentiment on a topic. You can reference news articles or websites for samples. Note that we cannot reference brand names.

*ASI reserves the right to judge which topics are appropriate.

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