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Doug Ford is unpopular in Ontario and his move to allow beer sales in corner stores rather than The Beer Store isn’t going to help his approval rating.

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Polly—our patented AI— has noticed that Ontarians have plenty of options on where they can purchase beer, and although 58% (±1%) of the people talking about Beer in Corner Stores support the move, not enough Ontarians are engaged on the topic for it to gain significant support for Ford.


Although she doesn’t drink herself, Polly has determined that a lot of Ontarians are talking about beer, with 30% of the population (4.3 million people) engaging on the topic. Only 2% of Ontarians are engaging on the topic of The Beer Store, however, and less than 1% of the population is talking about Beer in Corner Stores. In fact, Craft Beer—which is available in stores and directly from breweries—is talked about the most, and that is only 3% of the population engaging on the topic. Polly has identified Beer is a popular topic, but Ontarians are not concerned about access to it.  


As of May 29th, 2019 only 35% (±2%) of Ontarians showed positive support for Doug Ford. In order to turn around his low approval among Ontarians, the Ford government needs to find an issue other than beer sales that resonates with a larger portion of voters.


Research Information

Sample Size: 183,200

Date Range: January 1, 2018 – May 30, 201

(Featured Photo by Alban Martel / Unsplash)

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