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See your brand’s future, understand its past, and know its current reality

Make Polly™ a superhuman member of your marketing team.

Polly learns more and more about your customers over time, providing you with an ever-deeper understanding of their likes, dislikes, hopes, and concerns. Her insights are available to you as a living survey in near real-time, keeping you informed in a way that traditional surveys, polls, and focus groups can’t.

Polly can also look back in time, conducting longitudinal studies that give you a more complete understanding of the past, present, and future of your brand.

She’s always there for your team.

Put Polly’s AI superpowers to work for you

Diagnose the health of your brand

Your brand’s health depends on how it lives in the minds of your target audiences. Polly understands what they think, feel, and say (or don’t say) about your brand and competitors. She helps you continuously improve its health by identifying opportunities and threats in its past, present, and future.

Test strategies, messaging, and potential disruption scenarios

Which message is the right one to motivate actions, sales, and trust? Polly gathers authentic insights from your target audiences to inform your campaign strategy and execution, without the risk of premature exposure.

Polly can also predict how a planned (or unplanned) scenario will affect your brand. From determining the best time to release a new product, to identifying how your customers will respond to a change in prices, products, services, or competitive or regulatory environment, you’ll always be ready.

Forecast sales and consumer behavior

Before you enter a new market, or promote your products and services to a new one, Polly can accurately forecast how profitable and successful you will be. She can also flag potential increases or decreases in demand, and compare current and projected sales against past success.

Track advertising performance

Advertising performance is about much more than clicks and conversions. Polly measures the return on campaign investments in all media, offline as well as online. She can also identify where your ads are missing the mark, and when they will exhaust audience attention with overexposure.

Discover hidden opportunities

Polly can show you marketing opportunities that you (and your competition) are currently missing. From emerging demands that are not yet on the radar, to cultural changes sparked by new generations and shifting populations, Polly can make sure you’re the first to know what’s coming next.

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