With the next Canadian Federal Election officially underway, the artificial intelligence (AI) Polly is predicting a truly unique election come October 21st.

Polly – Advanced Symbolics’ patented AI – has created a representative sample of close to 300,000 Canadians and will monitor their stance on political issues over the course of a year starting in October, 2018.  This is the only longitudinal study of Canadian political stance, which is vital for determining who will win the election.

“Polly is able to study the political opinions of the same Canadians over the course of a year.  By doing so, she is able to more accurately predict how Canadians will react to any adverse news reactions or scandals that come up during the campaign period.”  – Erin Kelly, CEO, Advanced Symbolics Inc.

Polly has already identified key issues that are top of mind in this election, including the environment, the SNC scandal, trade and Ford-style cuts. 

“If we find ourselves in a minority government position, it will be interesting to see whether or not the Greens can get enough seats to make up the balance of power. That would be a significant win for Elizabeth May,” said Kelly.

Polly made history in June 2018 when she became the first AI official pollster for TV Ontario during the provincial election of 2018.  Polly accurately called every riding in that election. She first gained international acclaim when she called BREXIT at 52 percent. 

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