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Polly spent last week looking into how Canadians feel about their leaders and, by and large, she’s found that we’re pretty upbeat about our politicians during an otherwise trying time for both our country and the world. While there was some anger directed at both PM Trudeau and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer for their decisions to travel to be with their families last Easter weekend,  Canadians have mostly forgiven them.

A majority of Canadians, 56% of men and 63% of women, approve how the PM is handling the current crisis. Those numbers don’t hold up in the Prairies though — while 64% of Ontarians support Trudeau, that approval rating drops to 56% in the Prairies. Still, a majority, but a significant drop in support

Andrew Scheer’s approval rating, on the other hand, seems to teeter among Canadians — with about 45% who are positive and another 45% who see his contribution negatively, with the rest feeling neutral.

Provincially, the Premiers are also showing broad public support based on their handling of the COVID-19 crisis. BC’s NDP Premier, John Horgan, enjoys a 47% approval rating with only 22% of the population feeling he’s not doing a good job. Albertans are mostly happy with their Premier, Jason Kenny, with 54% feeling positive about his management of the crisis.

Quebec’s Francois Legault and Ontario’s Doug Ford are in solid majority territory with their approval ratings at about 64% with only 26% of Quebeckers viewing the Premier’s effort negatively.

One thing Polly observed was the levels of engagement exhibited by Canadians in the last two months. Whether they loved what they heard from the Premiers, or disapproved of them, Canadians took to social media to make themselves heard. And Polly heard a roar. Canadians are keeping a close eye on their leaders.

Photo by Anton on Unsplash

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