Less than a week into the 2019 federal election campaign and engagement on the environment is dipping among Canadians while being replaced by more traditional election issues.

Polly, Canada’s only AI pollster, noticed that engagement on the environment has dropped 13% since the election kicked off on Sept. 11, going from 696,500 people discussing the environment last week to 606,000 today.

“The environment was the surprise election issue for months, but things changed once the election campaign started. In less than a week, engagement on healthcare and jobs has climbed significantly while fewer people are talking about the environment.”
                                                         –Erin Kelly, CEO, Advanced Symbolics Inc.

Polly sees more traditional issues coming to the forefront. Employment is the most talked about issue among Canadians, rising a full 15% since last week. Meanwhile, engagement on healthcare has risen 24% since last week and has overtaken the environment as the second most discussed topic among Canadians.

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