As Prime Minister Trudeau announces his digital charter, Polly sees that the Liberals are hitting the right note, with a significant amount of Canadians engaged on the topics of privacy and loss of trust in online media giants.


Nearly 5 million Canadians engaged on the topic of “I have lost trust in Facebook” in March of this year, growing from just over 2 million in April 2018. Of all Canadians engaging on the topic, 49% (±1%) agree.


Canadian trust in Google chart

Canadians are also increasingly discussing their loss of trust in Google, with the topic trending upward consistently since January of 2018. Of the 2.7 million Canadians engaging on the topic of “I have lost trust in Google” in March of 2019, 57% (±1%) agree with the statement.


The Prime Minister’s announcement of a digital charter was largely focused on privacy while countering fake news and online extremism. Canadians agree that fake news and extremism are issues that need to be addressed, but they also want the digital charter to do more than simply mimic Donald Trump’s fake news mantra.


Engagement by Canadians on the topic of “Canadian culture is under threat” has more than doubled since January 2018 with over 400,000 Canadians discussing the topic in March of this year. Of all the Canadians engaging on the topic of “Canadian culture is under threat, 84% (±1%) agree.


For Trudeau’s digital charter to be accepted by Canadians,  it must address the issues of online privacy, fake news, and online extremism while ensuring the charter has measures to help protect Canadian culture.


Research Information

Sample Size: 253,200

Date Range: April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019


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