Dems making small gains

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Joe Biden’s Democratic party keeps making micro-gains in all states even the deep red states where the Republican’s advantage is too great to make a difference. Overall, Polly sees a 3 electoral college vote gain for Biden as Donald Trump loses 1 percentage point in the popular vote. Trump now sits with 45% of the popular vote to Biden’s 55%.

Florida has tilted a bit more towards Biden over the weekend gaining a full 4.2% advantage. Biden leads Trump 52.14 % vs 47.86% in the popular vote. Georgia, a traditional Republican stronghold since 1996, is up for grabs in 2020. It’s been flipping back and forth in the last two weeks with Biden having a tiny advantage coming out of the weekend.

Michigan, despite some aggressive language directed at Governor Gretchen Whitmer from the White House, is leaning Democrat this time around even though all electoral college votes went to Donald Trump in 2016. Joe Biden has a comfortable 10% lead over the GOP.

Another all-GOP state to express some indecision is North Carolina which is leaning slightly towards the Democrats — in 2016 the state gave its 15 votes to the Republicans…at this time they are expressing a 51.11% preference for the Dems. Not much, but certainly enough to give Joe Biden hope for claiming this state.

Other nail-biters include Ohio (Biden up by 1%), Pennsylvania with the Dems in the lead by 7.25% even though this was a red state in 2016, and Texas with its 38 electoral college votes, normally reserved for Republicans, sits precariously on the fence with an almost 50-50 split for votes.

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