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From Sunny Ways to Cloudy Days – Canadians more negative going into 2019 election

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Polly, Canada’s only AI pollster, has noticed two very significant trends at the start of Federal campaign 2019: Canadians are both far more engaged, and far more negative heading into this election than they were heading into the election of 2015.

The AI, developed by Advanced Symbolics Inc. (ASI), is tracking a representative sample of over 270,000 Canadians across the country, in both English and French. She has found that more than twice as many Canadians are discussing election-related issues during the start of this year’s campaign compared to 2015. In the past 3 weeks, 6.4 million Canadians have been discussing election-related issues vs. in 2.9 million during the start of the campaign in 2015. 

Additionally, Polly also finds that Canadians are much more negative, with 39% posting negative messages compared with 29% in 2015. 

“If the election of 2015 was known as ‘Sunny Ways,’ then this one could rightly be termed ‘Cloudy Days,’” said Erin Kelly, President and CEO of ASI. “Concerns about climate change, refugees and political scandals are topping the agenda for Canadians in 2019.”

To date, Polly sees the Liberal Party of Canada in a clear lead over its rivals.

Canadians can view Polly’s forecasts in real-time at a poll tracking website that ASI is hosting with H+K: https://hkstrategies.ca/en/hk-asi

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