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The internet chatter surrounding the “#StopTheSteal” is diverse but seems to be concentrated in around less than 2 dozen geographic areas according to Polly’s monitoring of about than 270,000 American twitter users.

Polly monitors Twitter for language that promotes protests and civil unrest, specifically targeting self-identified supporters of Donald Trump. Many areas where the Republicans did well in the election started picking up the battle cry of “Stop the Steal,” the movement appeared to be losing steam but after the weekend’s protests in Washington, momentum has picked up.

The most active center of the movement has been in a small town called Payson, population 15,940; a town in Arizona where there is apparently very little diversity. Polly measures support from Trump’s “rigged election” theory by positive or negative numbers. A value of +50% means Polly sees conversation or statements about “the steal” 50% than what she thinks would be normal, based on previous observations. On the other hand, negative values means Polly is seeing fewer converstations than she expected about the topic.

Payson, AZ is at the top of the list with Polly seeing 277.9% more talk about “the Steal” than she thinks would be normal. Next is the Hartford CT area that started off at 69% before the weekend then ended with 175% Sunday. Lincoln IL, Albuquerque, NM and Reno, NV all stand somewhere between 120% and 156% more conversations about “rigged elections.”

Follow Polly’s map to see how this changes from day to day.

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2 thoughts on “Hot spots all over America

    1. Geetings Nicholas,

      Polly has been monitoring social media conversations focusing on the conversation Republicans are having about whether they accept the results of the election. Polly only measures what can be quantified – understand the nuances of electoral law, the American constitution and how lawyers and prosecutors will behave is beyond Polly’s abilities…for now.

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