Canadians are going to make the environment a key issue in the upcoming federal election and the winning party will have to address three key issues.

What does a winning platform look like?

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure Chart

According to Polly, any winning platform needs to include a plan for green infrastructure. The topic has been dramatically trending upward since the start of 2019.  Currently, 73% (±1%) of Canadians support green infrastructure projects.  Constructing roads, bridges, and other forms of infrastructure not only creates jobs, but improves driving conditions which can help with traffic safety, commute times, and cause less wear and tear on vehicles.

Transition from Fossil Fuels
Canadians need to drive and overall have a positive stance toward fossil fuels with 55% (±1%) of people across the country showing support. Still, Canadians are open to ditching their gas-guzzling combustion engines for electric vehicles, as long as they are subsidized.

Although Ontario cancelled EV subsidies when the Ford government took power in 2018, EV subsidies are popular throughout Canada with 61% (±1%) of Canadians having a positive stance toward them. In order for Canadians to transition to EVs, they want to make sure the vehicles will work in harsh Canadian winters while having enough convenient charging stations to make day-to-day driving simple and hassle-free.

Avoid Carbon Tax
When it comes to a carbon tax there isn’t a consensus among Canadians. Many question if a carbon tax is really effective at combating climate change, while others are concerned about how a carbon tax will affect jobs and the economy. Less than 50% of Canadians have a positive stance toward carbon tax, while Conservative governments that are staunchly against carbon taxes have been voted into power in provinces throughout Canada including, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Alberta.

What Canadians Really Want
Canadians don’t want things taken away from them—like tax dollars. Canadians want governments to give back with infrastructure projects and supply them with options on how to transition away from fossil fuels and help the environment.


Study Information
Sample Size: 266,722
Date Range: May 1, 2018 – May 14, 2019


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