Liberal Roller Coaster

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According to Polly, it’s been a roller-coaster ride for the Liberals in the polls. After hovering just above the numbers needed for a majority of seats in Parliament, their popularity tanked shortly after the writ was dropped launching Election 2021. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals rose slightly in August but dropped back down below the magic threshold of 171 seats needed for a majority. Polly’s latest number suggest the decline isn’t over yet; on August 26 the Liberal’s projected seat count went to 153 from a high of almost 190 seats if the vote had been held in early May when the Liberal’s popularity was riding high.

The losses show up as a gain for the Conservatives, NDP and even the Block Quebec as their numbers rose slightly. The CPC now stands near its all-time high of 119 projected seats if an election were held today. While Polly stills sees a Liberal government after the September 20th vote, we’re all keeping an eye on the trendlines to see how much momentum each party can now build.

Chart showing Libs tanking
Polly’s latest addition to the trend line show Liberals losing ground

The numbers are even worse in BC for the Liberals. For the first time since February, the Conservatives have overtaken the Liberal in the total projected seat counts for that province. The Liberals and NDP are almost neck-and-neck there.

Libs sinking in BC

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