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Warren endorsement not likely to impact Biden’s ascent

Joe Biden will clinch the Democratic presidential nomination regardless of who Elizabeth Warren endorses or doesn’t endorse, according to Polly, Advanced Symbolics’ AI-based market research and prediction tool. Polly ran through two scenarios -- one in which Elizabeth...

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Polly Adapts to Changing Environment

Since Polly first started her Super Tuesday examinations,  her forecasts have been influenced by two significant developments: Pete Buttigieg dropped out and endorsed Joe BidenAmy Klobuchar dropped out and endorsed Joe Biden  These changes had an impact on...

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Nevada Caucuses Important Test for Democrats

The Nevada Democratic caucuses will wrap up this Saturday with a final tally of the votes cast earlier during the week. Nevada is significant because it is the first state to be tallied that has a diverse population. New Hampshire and Iowa are primarily (more than...

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