Polly, Canada’s only AI pollster showed today a stunning reversal for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau following images of him dressed in “brownface” racist costume 20 years ago. 

This morning, Polly measured the change in seat count as shown in the graph below:

The new poll shows the Trudeau Liberals dropping by 23 seats in one day, a stunning reversal that, if it holds, will cause Trudeau to lose his majority government.

“Early indications are that the impact of this scandal is severe.  Polly will be monitoring over the coming week to see if this is likely to be a scandal that follows Mr. Trudeau to election day,” said Erin Kelly, CEO of Advanced Symbolics.

Before the scandal broke, Polly saw the Liberals leading with 185 seats – enough for a majority government. Today, they are down to 162 seats.

The Conservatives and NDP rose 12 and 10 seats respectively, showing that the divide among the Liberals who’ve changed seats is fairly even.

Polly will keep measuring over the course of the election to see how this affects Trudeau’s Liberal party and the election results over time. Daily updates can be found here, hosted between ASI and Hill+Knowlton.

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