Scenario Testing

Plan for your worst fears ahead of time with Polly. Our AI can test scenarios with any target audience and determine not only how the scenario will affect your company or organization but which responses will best repair the situation. From determining the best time to unveil a new product to identifying how your customers will respond to raising prices, if you want to test a scenario, you simply have to ask Polly.

Message Testing

Don’t roll out a new ad campaign without asking Polly first. Without the need for expensive A/B testing, Polly will tell you what the right message is to push your target market to a specific goal and the right media mix to ensure you’re reaching your intended audience.

Topic Discovery

You don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s why you need Polly. Our AI monitors publicly available online posts and information to determine what your target audience is saying about your brand, product, and services. Without the need to ask direct questions, Polly knows exactly what’s on the mind of your target audience.

Ad Tracking

Whether you advertise online, on TV, or even on billboards, Polly will tell you how effective your advertising efforts really are. Polly follows your brand everywhere to determine the success of your advertising efforts. She even measures longitudinally, going back in time to determine how your ads performed before, how their performance has changed over time, and when they reach the point of exhaustion.

Sales Forecasting

Polly can analyze any target group or market and forecast how profitable and successful your product or service will be. Polly has answers to all your sales forecasting questions. Before you enter a new market or promote your products and services to a new demographic, ask Polly.

Brand Health

Your brand’s health is constantly changing and that’s why you need near real-time insights that only AI can provide. Polly is constantly measuring how people feel about your brand and delivers comprehensive on-demand reports that tell you exactly how healthy your brand really is and a step-by-step plan on how to improve your brand’s strength. Don’t take your brand for granted. For near real-time insights into your brand’s health, ask simply ask Polly.

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