UK Elections: Certain majority for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives

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With less than 2 days to go before the United Kingdom goes to the polls, it is almost certain that Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party will form a majority government.  Being the only no-show at a televised debate and some public musings about Donald Trump’s affinity for Johnson during the NATO summit caused Johnson’s numbers to dip ever so slightly but the trend never developed. Polly projects his seat count to be around 357 seats – well above the 326 seats required for a majority government.

Johnson has been favoured to win by Polly for a while now, having stayed in the 340 seat range since early November and gradually increasing as the campaign wore on. The Conservatives been have gaining at the expense of all the other parties who’ve been dipping slightly since the election was called on November 6th.It would likely take a major scandal to swing the vote towards Labour at this point. But Polly says never say never…scandals and UK politics have a long history together.   

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